Our Hair Extensions

We sell luxurious 100% Virgin and RAW Hair with healthy cuticles intact, aligned in the same direction from root to tip. This allows your hair extensions to stay tangle free with minimal-to-no shedding. Our Virgin Indian Temple and Raw Indonesian  hair does not undergo any chemical processing; therefore, the natural state and color of the hair is preserved. This provides a very natural look without the shiny silicone base.  Our hair has a wonderful fresh clean smell, not the starchy chemical smell found from some our competitors. You will definitely notice the quality when you run your fingers through it.   

Purchase from The HairAholics Alliance if you want luxurious and bouncy hair extensions. Your new 100% Unprocessed/Chemical Free hair extensions will for years if you treat it with kindness and love just like you would with your own natural hair.

HairAholics Alliance virgin hair extensions can be colored/bleached, washed, blow dried, curled and flat ironed while still maintaining its original vitality. We have our own team of collectors that hand pick only the highest quality of hair. We guarantee that every single strand is Virgin Brazilian, Raw Virgin Indian Temple and Raw Indonesian Hair.  No substitutes are used to cut costs and lower prices.  Let us know what texture and length you are interested in… Each bundle is 3.8-4.0oz 

At The HairAholics Alliance “WE KNOW WHERE OUR HAIR COMES FROM”   Shop Now