About Us

A HairAholic is someone who absolutely loves beautiful, shiny healthy hair, whether it’s your natural hair, wigs or extensions. Like many others, my girlfriends and I were wearing hair extensions we purchased at local stores. We were spending countless dollars on hair that looked beautiful out of the package but a few weeks later... it was absolute garbage! It smelled processed, tangled and of course it would get matted in the back looking like a birds nest. The wave didn’t last long at all and we were unable to color it (even though they said we could).  I must admit Ladies, sometimes you could just tell that we were wearing a weave. We were beyond frustrated.  But Not Anymore...

We did extensive research, we discovered real "Virgin/RAW Hair" and never turned back. We started educating ourselves and other ladies on the difference between Virgin, RAW, Remy and Beauty Supply hair  and here we are... There's nothing better than being able to enhance your style with our Brazilian, Indonesian or Indian Temple Hair Extensions. Choose a different length, color or style for whatever mood you are in at any given time or maybe change your style from straight hair to wavy for a very special event. Our goal is to provide the hair enthusiasts (HairAholics) with all of their hair needs, natural or purchased. 

Our customers deserve the very best, that is why we take pride in selling top quality Virgin Hair. We have our own team of collectors that hand pick only the highest quality hair. We guarantee that every single strand is 100% Virgin Hair and no substitutes are used to cut costs and lower prices. Do you know what you are putting on your head? 
Please feel free to contact our Customer Service  -  eMail Us   Call: 708-770-8451 or Mail: PO Box 1833 Bolingbrook, Illinois 60440