RAW Indonesian

$ 60.00

This hair is truly beautiful. It can be worn flat ironed straight or with big bouncy curls.

Our RAW Virgin Indonesian hair is thick and course yet lustrous to the touch. This hair is very versatile, it holds the most beautiful curls. The light texture makes it effortless to wear and maintain. Indonesian hair extensions are naturally compatible with African-American.


Your new 100% RAW Indonesian hair extensions will last if you treat it with kindness and love just like you would with your own natural hair. The HairAholics Alliance extensions can be colored, bleached, permed/relaxed, washed, blow dried, curled and flat ironed all while still maintaining its original vitality.

We recommend (3) bundles for a full installation and (4) bundles if you desire a fuller look (14",16" & 18" ). For longer lengths (4) bundles are recommended (5) bundles for a fuller look. 

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